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How to Root Samsung SM-G888N0 TWRP Recovery Download And Install

TWRP impressively has the latest GUI (Graphical User Interface) which attracts users with several advance recovery, restoration, installation, and other maintenance operations on your Samsung SM-G888N0.

If you are familiar with the word “Rooting” then, it is great, and you will root your Aston Thunder easily. A Lot of people don’t know about the Rooting process. Rooting is the process that allows smartphones, tablets, and other devices users to attain privileged control over various Android subsystems. As Android uses the Linux kernel, rooting an Android device gives similar access to administrative permissions as on Linux or any other Unix-like operating system such as FreeBSD or macOS [Source].

What is Root?

TWRP stands for Team Win Recovery Project. It is a fully touch-based custom recovery that was originally developed for Nexus devices, but now it is available for countless android smartphones in the world. TWRP is an open-source custom recovery. Team Win Recovery Project provides a touch screen enabled interface.

How the Team Win Recovery Project can be useful?

TWRP is a modern custom recovery for android devices when the user installs it, TWRP changes the whole pattern of previously installed stock recovery with its new advance features. TWRP provides a safe and reliable friendly user interface, and with its powerful features, you can make your phone’s routed life easier. Nearly in past Clockworkmod recovery was a good choice, which is also known as CWM Recovery, which was a popular recovery option for android devices. CWM Recovery was developed by Koushik Dutta, a well-known Android developer in the world.

Clockworkmod uses in root access, back up device data, custom ROM installations, kernel themes, modes and much more, but Clockworkmod recovery replaced with the latest TWRP, because of its more easy and useful features and tools. In TWRP all basic functions and features are available, which a user wants in modern and full-featured custom android recovery. All features laid out in a very organized manner with large icons. These features make TWRP more reliable and friendly from any other.

How To Root Samsung SM-G888N0 TWRP Recovery Download and Install

First of all, you need to arrange the follwing pre-requirements mentioned below quickly, and properly. I mean to say that you must read the following pre-requirements before start the TWRP installation process.

Basic Requirements:

  1. You need a PC/laptop
  2. Make sure that your Samsung SM-G888N0 is charged more upto 70%
  3. You need a Micro USB cable to connect your phone with PC
  4. Make sure to take a complete backup before doing anything.
  5. Before begin, please make sure that your device is Unlock Bootloader
  6. You must Download No Verity Opt Encrypt Zip File
  7. Download SuperSU Zip – To root using SuperSU
  8. Download Magisk Zip – To root using Magisk
  9. Now Download ADB, Fastboot Tools and Extract it in your PC
  10. Download Samsung USB Drivers

Download Samsung SM-G888N0 TWRP Recovery Bellow:

File Name TWRP Recovery
Version 3.5.2-0
Support Unofficial
Download TWRP Recovery 3.5.2-0

Top Best Advantages of TWRP Custom Recovery

  1. By using TWRP you can easily Flash Custom ROM on Samsung SM-G888N0.
  2. Users can easily root their devices with the help of TWRP fishable zip SuperSU.
  3. By TWRP recovery users can access to restore Nan droid backup.
  4. With TWRP recovery users can clean cache, wipe and data.
  5. Users can remove all bloatware from their SM-G888N0.
  6. Users can easily flash the image file with TWRP recovery.
  7. You can flash modding zip files to customize your phone
  8. Easy to flash and use Xposed Modules using TWRP
  9. You can install Magisk on SM-G888N0.
  10. You can flash modding zip files to customize your phone, and To underclock and overclock.

Disadvantages Or Warnings OR Caution

  1. The above info is only for journal public interest, yayvomark or the author is not responsible for any loss damage or illegal misusage of the above material.
  2. You will no longer receive the official OTA updates.
  3. You can brick your device if you do not follow the steps carefully.
  4. Make sure to take a complete backup before doing anything. Do this at your own risk.

How to Install TWRP Recovery On Samsung SM-G888N0 using ADB Fastboot Method?

With the help of rooting, you can uninstall bloatware, increase device performance, reduce battery draining, install Xposed modules, and more. However, smartphone rooting will void the device warranty and you may not get software OTA updates anymore. An improper way of rooting can also brick your device easily. Therefore, make sure to follow the guide properly.

Estimated time: 3 minutes.

Step 1: First of all, you need to enable the Developer Options, and USB Debugging mode on your device.

Step 2: Now Go to Settings –>> System –>> About Phone and press on Build Number 7 – 8 times to enable Developer options mode. Until you see a toast message “You are now a developer”.

how to enable developer option
Enable developer option

Step 3: In this step, now open the developer option and enable the OEM Unlock toggle.

enable the OEM Unlock toggle
Enable the OEM Unlock toggle

Step 4: Under the Developer Options, you need to enable USB Debugging.

enable USB Debugging
Enable USB Debugging

Step 5: If the command show device is unauthorized on your Samsung SM-G888N0. Then, you will see a popup message to allow USB Debugging. Please

Step 6: "Always allow from this computer" and press on the OK button.

ABD command window
Pop up to allow USB debugging

Step 7: On your ADB Folder, Open the command window / PowerShell: To open Press the Shift key and Right Mouse click anywhere inside the folder.

ABD command window
ABD command window

Step 8: Turn off your device > Press and hold the Volume Up + Power button together for a few seconds to enter into Fastboot mode.

Step 9: Now connect your phone with PC using the original Type C USB cable, and type the following code on the command windows and hit enter:

adb reboot bootloader

Step 10: Now, your device is connected successfully as a fastboot device.

Step 11: Type the following command and hit enter to check the fastboot device connected or not:

fastboot devices

Now, in order to install TWRP Recovery on your Samsung SM-G888N0, type the following command and press enter

fastboot flash recovery_a twrp.img
fastboot flash recovery_b twrp.img

Step 12: Then reboot in TWRP manually or using a fastboot command

fastboot oem reboot-recovery
fastboot boot twrpname.img

Step 13: That’s it. You’ve successfully installed the TWRP Recovery on the Samsung SM-G888N0 device. Now, you have to flash the Root.

Read Me Once TWRP Recovery process will affect your Samsung SM-G888N0 Ultra phone data like images, videos, and files. We advise you before start TWRP Recovery you need to create a backup and save it in a safe location.